• Australia ready to reap rewards

    Despite high development costs the country will soon be the world’s biggest LNG exporter – and offers plenty more in the upstream too

  • Australia's obstacle course

    Australia, primed to be the world’s largest LNG producer, will need to overcome soaring development costs and tempt new buyers in India and Southeast Asia to keep momentum going, writes Tony Regan

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    Three years on, the euphoria surrounding South Sudan’s independence has ebbed away as the country slides deeper into civil war, writes Luke Patey

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    Interest in Morocco's hydrocarbons sector is growing. Yet with only a number of high-profile exploration failures to its credit, will explorers take the chance? Sherelle Jacobs reports

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    Two new books tell the sorry tale of South Sudan and Sudan, and the oil at the heart of their dysfunctional relationship. Review by Anthea Pitt