Petroleum Economist The West endorses Saudi crown prince MbS’s first visits to the UK and US as crown prince show acceptance there that he’ll be the next Saudi king. But not all Saudis are happy Saudi options in Yemen exhausted The country's disintegration is matched by growing difficulties in envisioning a peace deal Short shrift for Gazprom’s portfolio investors The world’s largest gas producer is once more likely to ignore calls to increase dividends Russian energy giants face contagion risk Constrained by sanctions, firms are tied to the fortunes of domestic banks Gulf renewables push finds fresh ballast GCC states are rethinking their approach to energy pricing, as the solar PV revolution shatters old preconceptions Sisi keeps a lid on Egyptians face another four years of authoritarian rule Egypt's gas strategy New natural gas coming on stream will boost the country's economy, in the short term Opec and IEA bristle at Trump’s trade posturing The IEA and Opec say Trump’s trade plans are a threat to global growth Venezuela catches the crypto craze Is "The Petro" a leap forward or just a cash grab? Latest licensing rounds The industry's most comprehensive list of current and recent rounds for onshore and offshore licenses Five key takeaways from the big three oil market reports Demand and supply data still diverge, Venezuela’s increasingly critical to balances, and some macro alarm bells are starting to ring Tillerson ouster shakes up energy diplomacy American policy towards Iran and Venezuela will likely grow harsher, injecting more risk into energy markets The Zohr effect Hopes are high of fresh finds in the area Full speed ahead for Egypt's gas Eni's parallel-development method has enabled it to smash records at its mega-giant Zohr gas project. Petroleum Economist was given exclusive access to the onshore operations Hurdles face putative Asia-Pacific LNG hubs Singapore, Shanghai and Japan all wish to become trading hubs and price-reporting agencies are trying to establish benchmarks Ramaphosa reboots South Africa’s renewables programme New renewable energy deals point to a fundamental shift in South Africa’s energy investment priorities The Qatar boycott: no end in sight Diplomatic efforts to end the crisis have stalled, but there's no indication of imminent escalation China bets on a yuan-oil bonanza The country's long-delayed crude oil futures contract promises much, but doubts persist Thailand joins Asia gas-reserves search Facing voracious demand for energy, Asian countries are planning either to increase imports or seek new upstream opportunities A slimmer, fitter Adnoc With an eye on new paths being followed by NOCs in the neighbourhood, Abu Dhabi is injecting new energy into the firm