Petroleum Economist US tight oil turning over a new leaf? A shale sector that emphasised returns over production growth would be a win from both shareholders and oil markets Saudi Arabia: Into the unknown The crown prince’s domestic and regional policies are taking the kingdom along several new and uncharted paths The IEA is now much more bearish on 2018 than Opec The latest forecasts from the IEA and Opec offer very different pictures of the oil market next year Supply chaos clouds European gas outlook Europe may be pushing to diversify gas imports, but two surprise supply shocks have put the sector on edge Happy days ahead for Tullow Oil The company's bottom line suffered when crude prices crashed in mid-2014, but a landmark maritime boundary resolution should lead to a welcome boost for company revenues Opec: The rollover The cuts were extended—but with a built-in escape hatch and implicit threat to other producers Egypt: Clearer thinking The country has committed itself to reducing the volume of associated gas that’s flared at oilfields Latest licensing rounds The industry's most comprehensive list of current and recent rounds for onshore and offshore licenses Germany's pick and mix The country’s political parties are vying to see what aspects of their various energy policies they can squeeze into a coalition package East Mediterranean—a mixed bag While Egypt's gas output is set to soar, Cypriot and Israeli exports are being curtailed by regional politics and low prices. It's a mixed outlook for East Mediterranean gas Mexico's rainy-day fund The sovereign-wealth fund is a good idea—now it just needs some wealth to manage. The FMP’s executive coordinator spoke to Petroleum Economist GTR Mena Trade and Export Finance Week 2018 19-22 February 2018, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Opec's Venezuelan supply problem It's hard to see how the Opec-non-Opec agreement would survive a steep decline in Venezuelan oil output in 2018 How resilient has US shale become? Genuine gains have been made, but the industry will need further technological breakthroughs to overcome the geology Qatar—steady as she goes Qatar's oil strategy is to stem further production declines, as it tightens its economic belt and keeps the investment focus on natural gas Qatar hits the gas Despite, or perhaps because of, the economic blockade, Qatar plans to expand LNG production by 30% Maersk’s Tyra field redevelopment secures Danish gas supply The country’s main gas-producing field is to get a costly makeover, extending the life of North Sea developments Greening Latin America Long a renewables powerhouse thanks to its vast hydropower plants, Latin America is making a big push into wind and solar Cove Point boosts US LNG exports A second facility will start supplying the fuel to international markets as American liquefied gas shipments gather pace Latin America's LNG slowdown A few years ago, gas exporters thought the Southern Cone would become a huge new market. Not likely