Petroleum Economist Latest licensing rounds The industry's most comprehensive list of current and recent rounds for onshore and offshore licenses Will rising Libyan oil production ruin the Opec deal? Exempt from the cuts, the country could still help decide their success or failure Exxon's PNG InterOil plan has hit some hurdles The company's bid comes unstuck over undervalued gas reserves Big Oil will get a bigger voice under Trump Oil's stock is on the rise in Washington, DC as industry backers prepare to take the reins of power Opec cuts, shale mends Is American tight oil going to ruin the price recovery? Africa Oil and Power 2017 5-7 June 2017, Cape Town International Convention Centre, South Africa Mexico's reformation leader In October, Petroleum Economist met with Mexico's Secretary of Energy, Pedro Joaquín Coldwell, during our strategy forum in Mexico City. In the following weeks, we carried out an interview over email with the minister. The questions and answers follow The charge for funding Accessing energy sector cash from traditional sources has been difficult while oil and gas companies are cutting capital spending. But projects have been taking off Opening up Trinidad's tar sands The island holds large bitumen reserves. The head of a company wanting to develop them says the resource could help fix the country’s energy-import problem Diminishing gas glut Falling production and higher demand should tighten the US natural gas market in 2017 Margin call European refining enjoyed a healthy end to 2016. Opec's production deal should add further support Shifting the bulge An onslaught of new supply will continue to pressure LNG prices in 2017 A tale of two forecasts Both the IEA and Opec agree global oil demand will increase in 2017. Supplies are trickier to figure out Slipping schedules in Australia Weak prices and a glut of supply are delaying some Australian LNG supply The comeback Opec's deal is a seismic moment for the oil market. But forces beyond the group's control will decide how effective the cuts are Over to you, Texas The Opec-non-Opec deal will help prices – but even if everyone complies, it can’t on its own be decisive CEE oil and gas companies embrace Energy Union By working together, regional energy markets can feel the benefit of scale economics Economics of growth Regional finances are set for steady growth, but the CEE could benefit from wider geopolitical stability Libya’s oil war flares up NOC’s plans to lift output are under threat after renewed fighting in the Sirte basin Tapping out The Trans-Alaska Pipeline—an economic lifeline for the state and an American oil industry icon—is under threat as output declines