Petroleum Economist Energy Web Atlas - LNG web application coming soon Developed with the needs of the LNG sector in mind, this interactive global atlas will allow you to filter and zoom into your specific areas of LNG interest. With a wealth of up-to-date, accurate information this tool will enable you to make informed, faster decisions with confidence. Get a whole new perspective on the LNG sector. US oil output set to reach record high The country's production has surged this year and is showing no signs of a slowdown Citi's oil bear makes a move One of Wall Street's best energy analysts is packing up to go and sell solar panels in Costa Rica. Over steak in London, Seth Kleinman explains why Caspian contagion risks A banking crisis is a short-term risk in a region bursting with energy developments Equatorial Guinea rebuilding bridges Relations between Malabo and international oil companies seem to be warming up again PdV’s cash concerns The Venezuelan company's plunging revenues show it is still struggling with lower prices and falling output Latest licensing rounds The industry's most comprehensive list of current and recent rounds for onshore and offshore licenses Kuwait: oil on troubled waters An offshore oil spill in the Neutral Zone could complicate efforts to restart Kuwaiti-Saudi production The future is supercharged Electric vehicles are increasingly central to government policy and car manufacturers' plans alike. What does their uptake mean for the energy sector? Energy in future cities Populations are increasingly concentrated in urban settings, but metropolises don’t have to be planet polluters Record-breaking clean energy investment overtakes fossil fuel spending As capital spending across the fossil fuel industry continues to fall, investment in low carbon energy is thriving, helping to push electricity sector capex to record levels, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA) Nervy times in Kenya's elections Oil companies will be hoping that the relatively calm passing of the country's presidential elections will pave the way for faster progress towards pipeline exports Uganda-Tanzanian pipe dream The Uganda-Tanzania oil pipeline route is close to becoming a reality. Kenya will have to go it alone Maputo takes the plunge, Dar looks on Mozambique and Tanzania both have gas reserves likely to support extensive LNG exports, but only one of them is truly committed to exploiting them—at least for now Egypt lays gas-hub foundations President Sisi has signed into law new gas-sector regulations expanding the role of the private sector Rosneft vs Sistema brings echoes of Yukos affair For long-term investors in Russia, the nightmare unfolding for the privately held conglomerate Sistema gives them a distinct sense of déjà-vu Burisma and the case for Ukrainian energy independence The reserves are there, but the government needs to help out, says the head of the country's largest independent gas producer Egypt's IOU time Reducing Egypt's debts to foreign oil companies is part of petroleum minister Molla's strategy to attract further energy investment China—the green dragon Coal is on its way out as Beijing oversees a shift towards clean energy Algerian change—again A lack of leadership continuity in Algeria's energy sector is a product of the FLN's struggle to retain political power