Petroleum Economist African deep-water makes progress Drillers began to renew their interest in African projects that were once deemed too costly and risky Iran's downstream braces for the challenge Iran’s downstream sector is almost as important for the country’s economic and strategic goals as the headline-hogging upstream Iran's upstream sector battens down for survival Sanctions scrape the remaining shine off tarnishing sector Moscow calling the shots Russia ramped up production in 2018, with Arctic developments playing a major role Middle East tensions rumbled on in 2018 Oil prices recovered, but old conflicts remained unresolved Disruption shapes oil and gas MandA at a time of oil price volatility Technology's growing importance in building resilience to volatility means that digital capabilities will likely be a notable driver of acquisitions in 2019 East Med rides the waves Egypt, Israel and Cyprus all saw progress in their ambitions to develop the prodigious East Med basin in 2018 Sellers jockey to fill India's Iran void Iranian deliveries have dropped significantly despite exemption, but it is not as simple as Saudi Arabia stepping in China shows its muscle The country was at the centre of activity in the Asia-Pacific region, boosting production and imports—though some showed wariness about Beijing’s growing power North American capacity boost The region experienced decisive additions to oil and gas capacity in 2018, with soaring natural gas production in the Marcellus and Utica basins outpacing the infrastructure required to move it to market Latest licensing rounds The industry's most comprehensive list of current and recent rounds for onshore and offshore licenses PE Outlook 2019: A year of turbulence The mood music at year-end 2018 was increasingly gloomy, as economic and political factors spook oil and gas markets The rise and fall of oil prices in 2018 Prices rose, Trump hollered, supply signals were mixed, Iran was hit by sanctions and then prices fell back South Sudan's oil suitors still skeptical over security Major investments in the civil-war ravaged country are likely to depend on the success of a recently signed peace deal Madagascar unveils new offshore acreage The island nation hopes it can emulate hydrocarbons finds in neighbouring Mozambique Guyana's governance gap The oil-rich country is the world's biggest new deep-water play. But can the government develop a transparent energy policy? Colombia's fracking plans take on a new urgency The new administration is turning to shale deposits to hold back the threat of imports Discord in Australian LNG damages Asia export hopes Broad collaboration is essential if a new wave of Australian LNG projects is to be competitive New Petrobras boss gets warm reception Appointment of ‘Chicago Boy’ to head state-owned giant reinforces reform agenda optimism Interview: Neptune champions its diversity With assets in Europe, North Africa and Asia-Pacific, the London-based firm sees value in its broad international portfolio