Energy in the Middle East 2012


Energy in the Middle East 2012

  • This book features Analytical articles covering:

    • Energy consumption trends in the Gulf, including increased usage of gas
    • Political risk in the region, including a detailed report on Iraq
    • Security issues relating to cross-border pipelines
    • Legal considerations for private sector energy companies
    • Growth in LNG production and export
    • Alternative energy production and consumption trends, with particular focus on solar and nuclear power
    • The outlook for Saudi Arabia's economy
    • Updates on specific projects such as the Trigen Power project and Oryx GTL
  • Exclusive maps of the region, showing the oil and gas fields as well as all the latest infrastructure developments – pipelines, refineries, gas processing plants, storage facilities and LNG exports (including projects which are planned or under construction).

  • Data graphics to show trends in the region's oil reserves; natural gas reserves; oil production; gas production; refining capacity and output; natural gas exports; crude oil prices and natural gas prices.  Plus an overview of how the Middle East's reserves and production statistics fit into the global picture.
To be published:
October 2012


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