Major Pipelines of the World, 4th Edition

Major Pipelines of the World, 4th Edition

The Major Pipelines of the World map, now in its 4th edition, provides a comprehensive overview of the global pipeline networks for oil, gas and refined products whether existing, planned or under construction. Shown on a satellite-derived base to depict the geographical composition of the country and its pipeline routes, this map clearly labels the pipelines according to fuel type as well as whether a pipeline is cross-border or inter-country, aiding an in-depth understanding of international trade in oil and gas across borders. Tables also provide detailed information on projects including start and end points, size, and capacity.

The comprehensive details of existing; planned and under construction projects shown on this map aids understanding of the likely short- and medium-term developments in global pipeline infrastructure, and can assist in anticipating the expected impact of such developments on the industry.

This map features:

  • Locations of existing, planned or under construction crude oil pipelines; gas pipelines; and product pipelines, clearly labelled by fuel type and whether its cross-border or inter-country;
  • Inset maps of Western Europe; the Arabian Gulf; and the Gulf of Mexico, providing extra details on the dense pipeline network in these areas;
  • Data and tables showing the major pipelines in each region by: project name; start and end points; status, length and diameter; and capacity, where known.

1,470mm x 891mm
1:23 million
September 2012
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