Global Renewable Energy Map, 1st Edition

Global Renewable Energy Map, 1st edition

Petroleum Economist is proud to introduce the Global Renewable Energy Map, the first-ever cartographic representation of installed renewable energy production capacity around the globe.

Detailing production and consumption of renewable energy around the world, this unique map enables you to pinpoint installed production capacity for hydro; onshore wind; offshore wind; solar; geothermal; marine; and biomass, with each energy type clearly labeled with its own icon for ease of recognition. Stay ahead of your competitors - quickly spot regional trends and potential areas for development to enhance your company's presence within the industry.

This map features:

  • Major installed renewable infrastructure developments: hydro, onshore wind, offshore wind, solar, geothermal, marine and biomass;
  • Inset maps covering on- and offshore wind capacity in Germany; Spain's solar thermal and photovoltaic capacity; the USA's south-west coast; the North Sea; and China's wind capacity both on- and off-shore.
  • Graphics and tables showing renewable energy production capacity;  production and consumption statistics for each country and region; global statistics on renewable energy as a percentage of the wider energy mix; comparison of onshore and offshore wind capacity; forecast data for renewable energy production and consumption in 2035;
  • A matrix of top renewable energy producing countries.
1,260mm x 891mm
1:23 million
September 2012
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