Energy Map of the World 2012

The Energy Map of the World is Petroleum Economist's all time best-selling map, now in its 18th edition.  This map provides a comprehensive snapshot of the global energy industry, showing infrastructure developments for oil, gas and LNG, both existing and planned, around the world.

This map also includes, for the first time, production and consumption forecasts by country, fuel type and region to 2035. This map also classifies and distinguishes each country and its reserves, production and consumption figures for easy reference.

This map features:

  • Major oil & gas fields
  • Major oil & gas pipelines
  • LNG export plants & import terminals (existing, under construction and planned & proposed)
  • Major tanker terminals
  • Major oil refineries
  • Tables for each country showing oil & natural gas, proved reserves, production and consumption; also LNG liquefaction and regasification capacity where applicable. 2035 oil and natural gas production is shown where known.

Tables and graphics features:

  • Proved Oil & Natural gas reserves (2010)
  • Oil & Natural gas production (2010)
  • Oil & Natural gas consumption (2010)
  • World Energy Consumption Outlook (1990-2030)
  • World Energy Production Outlook (1990-2030)
  • Primary oil & gas demand (2015-2035)
  • Oil & Natural gas production (2015-2035)
  • Cumulative investment in oil & gas supply infrastructure by region
  • Oil refinery capacity
  • LNG Regasification capacity
  • LNG Liquefaction capacity
1260mm x 891mm
1:23 million
April 2012

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