World Energy Atlas, 6th Edition

The Petroleum Economist World Energy Atlas, 6th edition contains 133 mapping plates over 324 full colour pages. It is the definitive source of cartographic information for the oil and gas industry.


The hard-bound Atlas details:


The mapping features:

  • All major oil and gas fields,
  • All major oil, gas and products pipelines including those under contruction and planned (all major pipeline projects have been named)
  • All major oil refineries
  • All major tanker terminals
  • All major gas processing plants
  • All major underground gas storage independent storage (above 100,000cm) NEW
  • LNG export plants (existing, under construction, planned and speculative)
  • LNG import terminals (existing, under construction, planned and speculative)
  • A full index of geographical place names
  • A table of energy terms and conversion factors
  • Each mapping plate includes a scale and lines of longtitude and latitude

The Atlas is accompanied by a CD-ROM that will enable you to:

  • Print your own maps in full colour
  • Incorporate maps into presentations
  • Zoom in on areas with no loss of resolution

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A4 Hardbound
July 2011
320 plus FREE CD-ROM




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