PE Corporate Accounts

Corporate access accounts are an easy way for organisations to provide their employees with access to Petroleum Economist under a single account. With a Corporate access account, team members can access all the subscriber benefits including access to our exclusive insight, data, analysis, online archive, feature reports and surveys plus copies of the latest energy maps.

Corporate access package benefits:

  • Compliant - group access protects you against copyright infringement
  • Easy – no need for passwords or usernames. Access can be IP recognised
  • Cost effective – save with lower subscription rates
  • Fast - access to the latest issue the minute its published
  • Print & Online - additional copies or online access to Petroleum Economist for the offices of your choice
  • Research tools -  complimentary energy maps as they are published for your libraries and key research staff
  • Search - unlimited access to the Petroleum Economist online archive - with a search function powered by GoogleTM


Setting up your corporate account:

Arranging a group subscription is simple. Your account manager will discuss your needs and build a customised subscription package for your company.  If your needs change - you can easily add or remove staff at any time.


Our tailor - made corporate subscription packages allow you to take advantage of significant discounts.  Rates are customised to the size and access needs of your organisation.

Take advantage of a free extended trial for your team or for more details, call Alastair Noakes: +44 (0) 20 7779 8007 or email us.


Latest issue: November 2015

China parks its tanks on the UK lawn

Some aspects of European energy markets continue to surprise, even after a decade or so of intended competition across the continent

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