In the last 21 years Petroleum Economist Cartographic Services has provided mapping to the energy industry on a world, regional and country basis covering the many different and complex energy related industries. Using the latest software and imagery to create stunning maps, the use of comprehensive data, charts and illustrations within the map deliver authoritative analysis of global and regional trends in the energy industry.

Petroleum Economist maps are well known throughout the industry. Our maps grace the offices and boardrooms of some of the industry’s leading organisations. Since 1990, we have distributed more than 1 million maps to oil companies, utilities, government agencies and academic institutions. 

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Promote your company’s brand using Petroleum Economist’s maps and wallcharts.

Highly respected and widely used throughout the industry, Petroleum Economist maps and wallcharts serve as powerful and unique branding tools for your company. The Petroleum Economist cartographic team can produce a variety of mapping products, so you can choose the most effective options to suit your communications strategy. 

The options available are: 

Printed maps:
From large posters, to single A4 sheets, to soft and hard-backed atlases. Large maps are available as rolled posters coated for durability, or folded to A4 to be suitable for filing or the briefcase.

Electronic maps:
Interactive maps on standard or mini CD-ROMs are an ideal means of conveying detailed maps and extensive company information.

How can you get your brand message across visually? 

Petroleum Economist’s team of cartographic experts work closely with the sponsor to ensure the map fits with the sponsor’s corporate identity. You have input into the layout and design of the map and your logo is featured prominently throughout.

As a sponsor, you also have input into the cover of the folded maps and CD-ROMs. There is even space on the reverse of the folded maps for an A4 corporate advertisement Choose from a world, regional or country oil, gas or power map to promote particular aspects of your company’s activities.

Even though our team of cartographers are energy specialists, they can also produce maps detailing commodity, communications, financial or demographic information.

Petroleum Economist has a unique team of cartographers, providing mapping solutions to a wide range of industries. Maps can cover all sectors for example; Energy, Commodities, Communications and Finance. Inclusion of maps into annual reports, presentations or web sites can give your material an additional dynamic. 

We provide the following map solutions: 

Annual reports:
We can provide maps to support the information held within your annual report. These could be a general map of activities around the world to a specific map on a local scale

We can provide maps to illustrate specific points in presentations. A map can provide an interesting talking point

Client gifts: 
We can provide maps as a great gift to your valued clients and customers. A map is a good alternative to pens, t-shirts and USB pens 

Web mapping: 
We can provide maps to support information held on websites. If you require a map to illustrate an article online we will supply it in the format and size you require 

Large scale printing: 
If you have purchased any of the Petroleum Economist maps and require a larger version, we can provide super-sized maps for boardrooms and reception areas

Petroleum Economist are map suppliers to:

The Financial Times, The Times, Independent, International Herald Tribune newspapers and the BBC online.  We have also provided cartographic design, production and research services to the following business to business (B2B) titles: Euroweek, Reactions, Coaltrans, Metal Bulletin and Euromoney Energy Events

  Your requirements:

If your brand or company attends the many events and exhibitions around the globe it is important to make your exhibition stand look the best. With the increased pressure on costs in attending shows, exhibitions and events, Petroleum Economist can provide a cheaper alternative in making your stand catch the eye for your customers and clients Petroleum Economist can offer a cheaper, more engaging, more flexible solution to your exhibition and show needs using the in-house designers and printer.

Petroleum Economist have been using its own in-house designers and printer to create exhibition stands for all the exhibitions and shows they attend around the world. Petroleum Economist has found the following benefits:  - Cheaper to produce: It proves to be a cheaper alternative to other more permanent forms of stand design  - Easy Assembly: The whole stand can be put up in minutes  - Targeted: Each stand panel can be designed specifically for the show or exhibition  - Reduce Transport Costs: At the end of the show the materials can be disposed of at the exhibition site.

What you will get:

Using the Petroleum Economist HP1055CM Designjet we can print the bespoke stand drops to what ever design is required. The maximum width of the printer is 900mm with height variable. This fits in perfectly with most exhibition shell-scheme layouts Petroleum Economist will charge studio time to create each panel for your stand and then print them on Photo-satin instant dry 190gsm paper. Additionally we will "make ready" for the stand including packaging the contents in a special purpose container.

For further information on our mapping services please contact:

Kevin Fuller
Manager – Cartographic Services
Tel: +44 (0)20 7779 8815

Peregrine Bush
Senior Cartographer and Data Manager
Tel: +44 (0)20 7779 8814


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