Deep-water discoveries total 101

07 February 2013

Angola’s deep-water areas have yielded 101 substantial oil discoveries, of which 35 have been brought into production through 13 development complexes, Martin Quinlan writes

After several slack years, when many projects stalled, development work is also seeing progress. There are 10 fields under development in deep-water areas, to add to the 35 already flowing. Next year should see the start-up of Total’s four-field Clov complex in Block 17 and Eni’s three-field West Hub development in Block 15/06, together adding a peak of 240,000 barrels a day (b/d), while 2015 should see first oil from the second phase of ExxonMobil’s Kizomba satellites development in Block 15 and from Chevron’s Lianzi, in waters shared with Congo (Brazzaville). This year and next should see several large developments moving ahead. Total is firming-up its Kaombo Split Hub development in Block 32, while Chevron is expected to take a go-ahead decision next year for its Lucapa field in Block 14, and Mærsk is working on Chissonga in Block 16. These projects will add four floating production, storage and offloading...

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